Writings & Poetry


I am a blank sheet of crumpled papyrus
as you will begin to write on me
the paper will be smoothed
the words will turn gold
emitting a rare fragrance
and I will be transformed
into a priceless scroll
the world can't read
or understand
I await to be a maze
only you can find a way through
I await to be messed up my love.

the moon lies shriveled
in the dark river
of my night
I look for you
in the deafening silence
of my warm dreams
the sighs of
of my hungry body
hiss through the
silken grass of your
missing whispers
and leave me breathless.
the moon awaits
to be scooped out
and hung up in the skies
the morning dreads
to arrive
come, before this night
gets caught
in the clutches
of the radiant sun
come, before my desires
break their silence
and reveal your name
to the world.

The leaves,
of my tree
have begun to crumble and shed
the forest of my being
has been set on fire
by the heat of your eyes
the hunger of your soul
I am being born
And so much of me is dying
to become whole
Have our streaming desires collided
in this desert
we have surrendered to this
have our eyes
read the 'ayaat '
inscribed on
each other's soul
we can be home, at last.
​ @Meenu

I struggle with every inch
of myself
to untie you
from the core
of my being
but the tentacles
of our un- bloomed desires
keep growing longer
wrapping me around.
a whiff of your silence
chokes me again
a glimpse of your face
brings back the pain
I need to cut you
sever each tentacle
that has buried it's club
deep into my skin
pull out each piece
of you
out of me
even if it leaves
a gaping hole
Maybe then I will be free
Maybe then
you will be free

the jungle of my desires,
be grazed
its ruins mirroring in your eyes
your merciless, stubborn eyes
which relish the
slow massacre
of my tender longings
my fragile cravings
with gay abandon.
Never the one to
ask you for mercy
I will allow you
to watch me on fire
till the fire
engulfs you
and we are no more
fire & match
fire & fire.

I gave myself to you,
treasure in the hands
of poor
and I spent myself
on you
with roaring abandon and joy
emptying myself of me
I filled your coffers
with the pearls of my time
rubies of my passion
Wealthier than before,
I count my pennies of blessings
which I never possessed,
I gave myself to you.