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Presently writing my 7 th book - on the dynamics of modern day relationships.

" In order to heal fully, you have to make the pain impersonal to the body & intimate to the soul "

This page is my sacred space for what I truly believe in. Love, compassion & empathy can help us cross oceans - deep, treacherous oceans of our illusions and fears and doubts- that the most important journey is the one we take inside ourselves- being in the present is the only empowering way to live - relationships are meant to give us deep insights into ourselves and the world around us- however painful they might be- and to give up on life and love, is to give up on divinity. Write to me to know more or schedule a 15 minute free call to know more about how I can help you grow from within.

About Me

"I bring with me 28 years of experience as a Writer and as a Poet. I am a published writer of 6 books (2 of them fiction and 4 being poetry) and I am presently writing my next book on spirituality. I am a Certified NLP Practitioner too and have undertaken Angel therapy, several Soul connection courses and have integrated it all to be an Intuitive Coach/ Healer.

I have integrated my archetypal knowledge and understanding of sacred contracts to my existing intuitive coaching / healing practice to offer holistic tools to individuals for leading a more fulfilling and empowered life. ​ I feel that my varied experiences have given me deep insights into human nature as well as the tenacity, courage, fearlessness and restlessness to aim high. It has also imparted in me an intimate understanding of the frailty of emotions and encouraged me to be an out -of –the- box thinker and push the limits of my imagination, which is an essential trait for being a Healer and Intuitive coach. My work and experience has certainly sharpened my capacity to visualize and taught me to be a good listener along with being acutely aware of the environment around. I offer individual consultations and I work with clients over long distance via phone as well as take one on one session in person. I also undertake group workshops for empowerment of the human soul and mind."

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" Irrespective of her own demanding schedule the always helping spirit of hers is up there to take you along in case you lose sense .Author of some of the finest pieces of literary art the lady not only is a writer but is a pure "anam cara " to me :)))))Wishing her heaps of success and love in abundance on her stint as a mentor coach and guide ...well I already have the luxury of being with her over the last three years wishes MM :) cheers!!! ..Regards 《♥♥♥♥Sukhvinder Kaur- Working Mother ."

"I would say, she has an in-depth understanding of human inter personal relationships and is sensitive of both sides of the coin, like none that I at least have met in the past. So much so, that at times it seemed strange and uncanny, as to how she touches core human subject and goes to frontiers of human mind and personality that even a reasonably evolved person is unable to. I would say she is naturally Gifted. In all honesty and gratitude, I thank Meenu to have contributed towards my life and its issues, in such a positive manner. Best Wishes !" ​ Sagar Arora, Enterpreneur, New Delhi- India

"By having Meenu as a coach, I was able to get rid of the toxic relationships that drained me and pulled me down for a long time. I have learned to breathe freely, be comfortable in my own skin, and form beautiful friendships and relationships. If it was not for her, I would have been a lost soul, wandering around and would have never learned the true meaning of Love, Compassion and what it means to be truly authentic and free…Thank you Meenu for all that you are, you are an angel, and who so ever will come in your space, they will be touched with your warmth, love and affection.. Stay Blessed dear angel." ​ Meghna Aggarwal- NGO Counsellor- India