Initutive readings using Tarot/ Oracle Cards/ Archetype Cards
Relationships/Career/Family/Money​/Balance Health & Body​/Communication​/ Parenting/ Love​

Get access to your subconscious and what is it the divine wants you to know. Empower, motivate yourself and course correct the path of your life by letting me guide you by tuning in into the messages from the angelic realm and accessing my intuition using Tarot/ Oracle/ Archetype cards. I take one on one reading sessions to help people deal with their relationship/ parenting/ work issues by getting them in touch with their inner power and empowering them to look for answers within themselves. The cure lies in the pain and I will help you look at the issue from a different perspective to help you resolve but you have to be ready to take the journey within and be ready to embrace your demons. I will guide you to build a stronger soul stamina but the journey starts with you.

"Life has to be picked up every single day from the recesses of the bygone day - to start afresh and to begin anew- for each day is a new beginning- no matter what the previous day/ night has brought and how it has passed- nothing can stop the journey that your soul has embarked upon and no amount of disappointment, defeat , doubt, insecurity and fear has to hinder this sacred journey- because to know what you truly want and desire, you have gotta burn in this moment and realize the truth of your own fire- let nothing stop you from reaching to your own self- and the authentic self can only be reached by being in this moment- by holding the hand of each day and every moment - the past doesn't exist in this moment neither can this moment hold the future- embrace each new day as your beloved and make love to her as if it was her last day - to know yourself is to know the present- rest is all an illusion." @Meenu ( June 28th 2015)